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Nov. 6, 2020

Vælestrasz - Sunstrider

Vælestrasz - Sunstrider

Eras may end and empires shatter - that from which we once drew our power may indeed, be lost to us. The mighty achievements of our ancestors may, through centuries of misuse, be perverted to dark ends, spreading corruption through our lands. So it was that Kæl’thas Sunstrider took it upon himself to destroy the Sunwell that had, for generations, served his people with an arcane magic that had once given them glory but, by and by, twisted them to the brink of destruction. 

“Sunstrider” is Vælestrasz’ 21st record, and weaves a tale of reverence and sorrow well befitting its subject matter. The project’s signature stylings - repetitive, meditative melodies that build in intensity in an organic crescendo - are on full display in these forty-odd minutes, imbued with a melancholic tone that evokes a deep nostalgia for times and places that never were. Long have we admired Vælastrasz’ mastery of the old ways of traditional Dungeon Synth: their minimal compositions weave an effulgent tapestry of the mind, summoning atmospheres both arcane and contemplative.

Pacific Threnodie is honoured to present this modern classic in the form of 100 professionally-duplicated cassettes; pad-printed in black on metallic golden shells in norelco cases with j-cards, contained in screen-printed muslin sack and accompanied by a stunning metallic-silver-on-black embroidered patch and 18mm phial of Dragon’s Blood.

Recommended for listeners of Summoning, Mortiis, Orc, Arcana Liturgia, and all who have tread the well-worn paths of Azeroth.

Released November 12, 2020